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Data hosted in Switzerland and protected by Swiss privacy laws

The Ultra Secure Communication Solution for Your Team

In a time with pervasive digital monitoring and everlasting data, it’s important to have a safe haven where you can work freely.

Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

SecureChat is using client side PGP and EV SSL certificates to ensure highest available levels of trust and authentication.

Swiss Data Privacy

Swiss Data Privacy

All of our messaging servers are 100% hosted in Switzerland and you are protected by some of the strongest privacy laws in the world.

Faster, easier communication

Faster, easier communication

Collaborating via group chat is quicker, feels more natural and greatly reduces email overload. It’s a more dynamic and enjoyable way to work.


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Encrypted Channels

A Channel can be set to Encrypted which means all messages are automatically secured using strong client-side encryption.

Individual Messages

Even in non-encrypted one-to-one channels users can still choose to encrypt individual messages if they want to ensure absolute privacy.


Expiring Messages

Sometimes you want messages to have a shorter life span. Channels can be configured to auto-delete records after a given period or after everyone has read them.
You decide how long the messages should remain.
If a particular message should be kept (not expired) it can be pinned in order to retain it.

Off-the-record Messages

To work effectively there are times when you need to say something off-the-record (OTR). OTR messages are auto-expiring, non-searchable and never backed-up so you can always say what needs to be said.


Guaranteed Deletion

Whenever a message expires or is deleted from a channel it will normally remain in the backup system for 7 days before it is permanently erased.

This precaution allows messages to be restored in case of accidental deletion.

If however this is not desired then channels can be configured to not utilize backups.

There is also an express backup deletion service (at extra charge) to remove expired or deleted messages from backups without waiting the usual 7 days.

Organize Your Conversations to Channels


Team Channel

Common group channels can be used for projects, teams, topics and just about anything. Anyone in your organisation can join the conversation. Eg. #CarSharing


Private Channel

Private Channels are only visible to the members you invite. They are perfect for fixed groups or situations where only certain people need to collaborate. Eg. #Sales


Direct messages

Direct Messages are one-to-one channels for messages that are just between two people.


Temporary channel

Temp Channels are used when you need to briefly coordinate activities. Eg. #GoKartWeekend. These group channels automatically archive themselves after a period of no activity.

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