We take security seriously and have designed SecureChat around solid security principles and industry best practices

Secure Chat Server Hosting

We manage our own physical servers rather than use virtual machines on a shared server.
Our servers are located in three physically secure data centers that are geographically separated for extra redundancy and reliability.



All of our servers are hosted in Switzerland so you are protected by strong Swiss Data Privacy laws.
We do not use Google Analytics or any 3rd party services abroad to collect statistics of application usage.

End-to-end Encryption

Message and file encryption always happens on the client (browser or mobile app) before the message is even sent to the server. This means we have no way of decrypting messages that you encrypt.

We utilize a fully audited open source implementation of PGP with 2048-bit key size. The ciphertext can be verified by the user at any time.

Using industry standard key derivation functions SecureChat uses multiple distinct passwords for authentication and encryption, ensuring that the information required to decrypt messages is never transmitted to the server.


Role base security

Permissions are based on roles to make it simpler to set the right level of access for each user.

Configurable notifications

Each user can choose the level of information they want to see in email or mobile notifications.

Don't send notifications
Number of missed notifications
Number and channel of missed messages
Missed messages content

Team chat for work

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