Choose an industry below to see how SecureChat can be used in your work place.

Creative Design Teams

Being able to drag and drop files directly into SecureChat makes it easy for creative teams to discuss options and chose the right image, sound or video without worrying about email attachment size limits.

Sound files and videos play directly in the chat without needing to be downloaded separately.
Collaborations happens more easily and collecting feedback is faster.

Encrypted channels can be used to message confidential information such as budgets, passwords or credit cards.

Guest accounts can be used to invite customers into a group chat with the creative team and discuss the latest designs.
They’ll appreciate the easy and speed with which designs can be discussed and feel good knowing that everything is secure.


Software Development Teams

We’ve been using SecureChat for our own software development projects for some time now and it has improved the way we work.

Channels can be used for projects and sub-teams so that people stay informed of what is going on and decisions can be made quicker.

User interfaces decision can be discussed easily by dragging in a UI image screenshot or video.
Copy/paste code directly into the chat when asking a question or giving advice.
Use markdown to format messages with headings, bold/underlined/italic text, bulleted lists, etc.

Integrations with external tools such as Pivotal Tracker, GitHub and SupportBee allow you to see story updates, code pull requests and ticket status changes directly in your preferred channel’s feed.

Everyone in the team stays up-to-date and communications happens more seamlessly.

Financial Services

SecureChat is ideal for financial services companies that need to adhere to audit and compliance requirements.

Channels can be created for each fund, department or project. Depending on the audit requirement channels can be configured to allow or prevent off-the-record messages, message deletion, etc.

Private, encrypted chat channels can be used as needed by invited members only, while team channels can be used for general company announcements, research, etc.

Unlike email all communication on SecureChat remains safe and within your control.


Legal Firms

Working with multiple people on contracts, cases, hearings and deals can involve a lot of emailing back and forth. SecureChat helps to reduce overloaded inboxes by making it easier for colleages and clients to discuss issues and provide feedback on proposals via a more natural chat tool.

Create channels for clients or specific cases so you have a single, searchable place for all related conversations and documents. You’ll have a full history for each case file and can see how documents or contracts have changed over time.

Confidential issues can be discussed in secure channels with strong encryption whenever needed. Mention @colleagues whenever something important requires their attention.

SecureChat provides the modern, streamlined and secure way to colloborate around documents while maintaining a full history of discussions and changes if its desired.

Executive Education

Business schools and executive centers can provide additional value to students by providing access to SecureChat to discuss class material. Senior executives often have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with fellow classmates. Providing the tools to facilitate knowledge sharing easily and naturally, can help to improve the learning experience.

Channels can be created for each subject or course where professors can provide additional reading material and solicit comments from students.

Temporary channels can be used for collaboration on group assignments.

Channel membership lists can be used to see who is currently online if someone has a question or wants to coordinate activities.

Help improve student collaboration while also keeping class discussions secure.

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